Caris + James | Wedding Feature

Cross-Cultural weddings have to be one of my most favourite types of weddings, and the one of Caris and James was a perfect example of why. To see two completely different cultures, families and backgrounds coming together in celebration, in perfect unity, and celebrating those differences. It’s just so beautiful! This wedding has cultural dances,Continue reading “Caris + James | Wedding Feature”

Ben + Amanda | Highlights

Presenting the highlights of Ben & Amanda’s stunning wedding, containing all the three F’s – Family, Friendships and Fun! Thank you Ben and Amanda for having me capture your wedding day. May your relationship continue to boom with all three F’s and the love you have for each other. Watch in 720p for best pictureContinue reading “Ben + Amanda | Highlights”

Reagan + Esther | Wedding Feature

The wedding of Reagan and Esther, at the beautiful location of Carilley Estate. A meaningful, blessed and colourful ceremony, where you can see the stream flowing and hear the birds singing. I love how you put together a wedding that reflects your hearts, Esther and Reagan. ❤ Love you both and I pray for God’sContinue reading “Reagan + Esther | Wedding Feature”