About Me


My name is Amy, and I love video! 

While working as a primary teacher, I slowly worked my way towards a Graduate Diploma of interactive Media, which I completed mid-2015 and started up Amy Joy Videography the following year. 

I have always had a passion for video and media in general. I think video is a wonderful tool that can be used to capture and celebrate the little, precious moments of an event, a person, or place; to be treasured over a lifetime.

My tendency as a videographer is to video quietly and unobtrusively, capturing the moments as they naturally unfold. 

Majority of my videography work has been with weddings (which I love), but I also take pride in videoing babies, funerals and any other events like birthdays. 


My mission:

To capture treasured moments for people to cherish over a lifetime.

To display God’s beautiful design in marriage and all creation;

and to bring JOY to my viewers.


Please visit my Facebook for reviews and see my LinkedIn for my professional portfolio.