Eco-Friendly Goals

I am all for eco-friendly business’s, so I thought why not be an eco-friendly business myself?

Sadly, the amount of USB’s I have delivered has just contributed to the plastic catastrophe which is now coming to light in the media and to people’s attention. Every parcel I post ultimately adds to landfill and plastic waste. This is why I have decided to begin moving to a digital delivery of video’s. This digital delivery will give me and my clients a peace of mind, not having to worry about a safe delivery, and instant access to downloads.

So for 2019, I intend to deliver majority of my video’s digitally, and eventually stop USB delivery completely. I understand that some clients will still prefer a tangible delivery, so for some time I will make that option available, but this is not something I wish to continue in the long term. All prior bookings made detailing USB delivered will still have USB delivered, unless requested otherwise.

This is a small step I have decided to take to begin creating a more eco-friendly videography business.