DOVE is in the Air…

Photo by Ilkka k

Have you ever wondered why my logo has images of birds in it? Let me give you a background story.

My dear Dad has hand-raised and kept birds since he was a boy. From doves to parrots and everything in between. That means that my growing up was very colourful with pet birds! My brother also picked up a taste for the feathered variety and now raises and keeps birds himself.

As for me, I have always had a fondness for birds, wether it’s a local magpie, galah or little wagtail. As a child I used to carry around our family’s hand-raised pink and grey galah everywhere-even to the potty! (Shame) I share this to illustrate my love for birds.

I also love that they fly, which presents an image of motion, as well as a symbol of freedom and joy.

My Dad has turned his passion into a business of dove releasing and called it Releasing Celebrations

Photo by Ilkka k

Above- My Dad, sharing the dove.

Now I don’t know if as a bride, you have considered releasing doves at your wedding, but it can be a beautiful thing to add to your day.

Photo by Ilkka k

With Releasing Celebrations You can choose your cage, colour and number of doves to be released on your special day of celebration. Do yourself a favour and check out his page, have a browse of his images and footage. Then decide for yourself if it’s something you’d like to add to your celebration. He would be delighted to hear from you.

Psst! Mention me and get a 10% discount.

So now you have the story behind my logo, and it’s not just because they are pretty!

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