How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Videography


Speeches are what make your video. Make sure to prep your friends and family, encourage them to put lots of thought and feeling into them. Ask them to tell stories of how you first met, how they first met your partner, or any other defining moments of your relationship.  Get them to say how they know you two are meant for each other. Ask them to tell any childhood memories to show what you were both like growing up. Marriage advice is always a nice addition!

Natural Light

You can’t beat natural light! Try and sit yourself near a window for getting your hair and makeup done for the best beauty shots possible.

Background music

Is fine, as long as it’s soft enough not to drown out conversations. Soft background music can help everyone relax and enjoy the process, but if the music is too loud, we generally won’t use the audio from the morning conversations.


Believe it or not- we want shots of you putting on your suit, tie and shoes! Allow time for the camera crew to get these key shots. Some of these include buttoning cuff links, adjusting your tie, putting on your jacket, and yes your shoes! These shots are key in building anticipation of the day and help show the handsome and masculine details of the day you’ve prepared for.

Capturing Audio

The best audio we record is not actually on our camera’s! We need to use external recorders for this, such as lapel mic’s, or external recorders linked to a PA system. Depending on what’s the best and most readily available option- we may ask the groom, or celebrant to wear a lapel mic. Please be open to this idea, as it will make a big impact on recording clear audio.

Go Unplugged!

Asking guests to be nice and turn off their device means they will be really present, instead of being busy trying to get shots of what you’ve paid professionals to do. With iPads and iPhones on hand, the temptation is too big- especially at key moments. Kindly ask your guests to stay out of the shots and let the pro’s do their thing. There are tons of articles written on this topic, with friendly ways to word this. BUT please, if you want to make the most of your videography, unplugged is the best way to go.

Act Natural

Posed shots only really work for photo’s. What we are looking to shoot are those uninterrupted, candid interactions between you and your party. The least you are aware of the video crew-the better. Relax and enjoy each other. We don’t direct much during a photoshoot, but if we ask to take a few moments of your shoot please cooperate with us, moments like naturally walking, talking, holding hands, laughing, kissing- these interactions are the best for film.

Animals and Kids!

I just love filming these two things. There is nothing that acts more natural than a child or an animal. The most beautiful part is they are not posed, or worrying about the camera crew. They are simply themselves, in the place where they are at. Interactions between a bride or groom with their beloved pet, or child are priceless for video! Finally, If you wonder how to act having your video taken-just look to a child or animal!

There are so many things I could advise, but here are just a few key things to consider making the most of your wedding videography. The most important thing is to be present, relax and enjoy the special day you’ve planned and prepared for. You can’t rewind, unless you’ve got great video of course!








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