Why have a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Rowan & Amy | Pre-Wedding Shoot | 2015 from Amy Joy Videography on Vimeo.

Pre-Wedding, or engagement is a special and unique time for a couple.

The anticipation, the excitement, the love, and chemistry between a couple is so intense during engagement.

I remember all of these feelings during my engagement, that ‘pre-wedding’ time. I am so glad that my friend Cedric Tang was available to video ours.

This is a video I made using the footage captured by Cedric Tang on that day.

Ours was taken during an engagement photo shoot. The video can be used to showcase you and your partners relationship and can be played at the ceremony, before the procession. That is where we played ours, and the crowd loved it! It builds even more excitement and anticipation of the procession.

If you are interested in having your own pre-wedding shoot, contact me for a booking today.


A Joyful Ceremony

It was such a joyful ceremony.

The flowers burst with joy, the bride and grooms’ faces were full of joy, and everyone that witnessed its’ hearts too, I’m sure, were filled with joy.


It was such a pleasure filming this joyous occasion for you, Luke and Sarah, and I am so pleased to have captured the joy that was so present on this day.


Video will be up on Vimeo soon.